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New rotating range from Moles Brewery

MolesNRMoles Brewery is launching a range of six new craft beers available on a rotating two-month period.

The brewery has announced that each new beer will feature a name which has a tale to tell.

The first is Jailers Daughter followed by Mowdy Jack, Little Gentleman, The Tunneler, Golden Hills and lastly Six Fingers.

Roger Catte, managing director of Moles Brewery said: “We have created a new range of beers to compliment the market demand for more powerful taste infusions. At the same time taking the opportunity to re-appraise our seasonal range of beers and refresh our branding.

“Jailers Daughter is the first of our new craft ales to be available and we wanted to bring something that was refreshing and would appeal to traditional ale drinkers as well as those trying craft beer for the first time.”

The brewery has also redesigned its logo to emphasise the fact that it has brewed award winning ales for many years.

Line Elise Svanevik
Published: 21 July 2014
Inapub Magazine

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